Training Methodology

        Students learn in different ways. Some students like to review the course materials or read independently published books before stepping into the classroom; other students like to talk about what they are learning with instructors or peers; and some students simply want a place to look up information after their course is completed.
Now you can do it all with the exclusive SWITHICNG TECHNOLOIGES One-On-One programme - a personalized training solution using the resources you need for successful learning before, during and after your course.
Get a jump-start on learning before you enter the classroom and then walk away with easy access to core materials with our One-On-One programme & your guarantee to successful learning.
This offers you a number of advantages including guaranteed knowledge, continuous learning support, a clear and customized solution to a predefined price and a guaranteed return on investment.

The One-On-One programme provides

  •    Guaranteed Knowledge .
  •    Guaranteed Certification.
  •    Guaranteed Quality .
  •    One-on-One training with REAL LABS (One Instructor-One student).

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